A child is different from an adult in every way. A child is nothing like an adult, whether physically, medically, or physiologically. Knowing this fact makes it clear that children need extra care and attention regarding their oral and dental health. A child may face every dental problem that an adult can. However, an adult will not face the same problems as a child.

Children's Dental Complications at Different Stages 

Children's teeth start to grow at six months old. There are a lot of complications during this stage, as the new growth is irritating or painful for children. In some cases, children face a condition known as tooth fever, meaning while their baby teeth grow, they can suffer a fever lasting around two days. Besides that, a child may also get black gums because of swelling. This happens when a tooth cannot penetrate through the gum, and the gum under that new tooth gets swollen.

Once children get all their baby teeth, they need to be cared for by their parents. Some bad habits like overuse of a pacifier or thumb sucking will cause the teeth to grow out of alignment. These teeth can grow to be crooked or cluttered.

At the age of seven, the baby teeth start to fall, and new adult teeth start to grow in place of them. This is the same for every child. During this stage, a child may push their teeth out of alignment by licking them consistently or cause cavities by overeating candy. This is the stage where a child's teeth are most vulnerable. If the damage is severe at this stage, there are fewer chances of recovery. After this stage, a child will only face the same dental issues as an adult.

What is a Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a child specialist dentist. A general dentist has to spend two more years training after four years at dental school to become a pediatrician. Pediatricians usually work to treat children. However, they do have the expertise to diagnose and treat adults. They know how to connect and be friendly with children. It is not just their attitude but their complete training and education in the extra two years are dedicated to children. They know how to treat children medically and psychologically.

A general dentist may not be able to diagnose a child's problem. Their education does not equip them with the knowledge to treat a child. Only pediatric education can equip a dentist with the proper knowledge to provide dental care to a child. Additionally, they learn how to make a child trust them and make them feel calm during exams. However, pediatric doctors take their readiness to a new level by decorating their clinics for children.

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